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A rapper with a story

From his meeting with LEMON and the beginnings in Chemnitz to his own studio with distribution. Cetos works hard every day for his music. His saying: "Fuck normal life, I make rap out of love and connection." 

Born in Heilbronn, Germany in 1991, Cetos's childhood and youth were not ideal. He grew up on the streets and hung around there most of the time. However, gambling addiction caught Cetos at a young age. And even though he moved to his ex-wife in Chemnitz, his situation didn't improve. Cetos fell into a deep depression and by the end of the day lost half a million euros behind the casino doors, owing heavily to friends and family. Before the separation, his ex-wife recommended that he find someone on "eBay Kleinanzeigen" with whom he could connect. And as luck would have it, that's where he met LEMON. 

In rap, Sido, Kool Savas, 187 Strassenbande and KC Rebell were his most important role models and stylistic orientations. Cetos describes his relationship with LEMON as follows: "In the 1-2 years that we made music together, many paths parted. Many cunts were exposed. We are like Bonez MC and RAF Camora, we would never betray each other, not for women, not for money, not even for friends." 

The friendship with LEMON also brought Cetos to the point where he is today. He overcame his gambling addiction and now works as a nurse throughout Germany. He's finally fulfilling his dream of having his own studio with a small team.

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