How It Works

To make sure that we're working with every artist just how they want we offer a easy to use plan.

H&S Core

Welcome to the partnership with H&S Recordings. Explore the features you have with the core plan.


Distribute Your Release Everywhere

Our partners distribute to every major streaming services and stores. You keep 90% of your revenue and the option to leave when you want.


Streaming Insights

Don't stay in the dark about your stream numbers and earnings. We will send you a report with all statistics once a month.


Hi-Fi Audio For The Win!

With H&S Core you get the opportunity to upload high fidelity audio to all streaming services.


Let Fans Sing Along With You!

With H&S Core we will upload your lyrics to all platforms - and synchronize them with the song. Just send them along to your song and they will be online a week after the release - thats it!

Look which artists are already relying on H&S Core:


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